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Yoga Uncensored Podcast

A Lively Discourse between Mark Tanaka and Cain Carroll


A little history

Ok... so I have to admit. I'm a grumpy yogi.

I've been grumpy for a very long time. From time to time me and my fellow grumpy yogi whom some of you know; Cain Carroll, have been meeting, talking and being grumpy together.

We meet over organic vegetables, chicken and quinoa, or Pho, or mexican food... then drink tea and just talk. We talk about yoga, meditation, philosophy, life, energy healing, transformation etc..

At times it's a rant fest about what's wrong with the world of yoga these days. At times we talk about our inspiration. At times we debate about deep philosophical and spiritual topics. But what's consistent about the conversations that me and Cain have is that they are always full of amazing insights and commentary about yoga, meditation, being human, about society....

So we've had this idea about letting people in on our fun conversations because we thought some of you would you know.... enjoy it. 

Our conversations are honest, irreverent, passionate, opinionated, hilarious and dare I say myself, full of gems, insights and "aha" moments. 

Just to warn you though... these conversations are not just stuffy and formal presentation of yoga philosophy.

We get real. Meaning we swear. We make fun of ourselves and others. We call people out. We joke around and sometimes get mad and grumpy.

See contrary to popular belief, yogis aren't and weren't always very well behaved. :-p

Yogis were rebels, they were outcasts. Many of them walked the line of insanity and wisdom. So in that spirit, we present to you the GRUMPY YOGI audio series. We're planning on talking about a lot of yoga related topics- especially in the realm of healing, energy, consciousness, meditation, tantra and yoga philosophy- terminology; while adding our own commentary, and exploring the relevance of these things in our modern human existence.

Our goal is to demystify and explore the most fascinating aspects of yoga; the mysticism, the practice and integration of yoga in daily life, spirituality, personal growth and the deep philosophy. All the while just totally being ourselves and having fun. 

It's also an invitation to discuss some controversial topics that Yoga Journal and other publications won't touch. Yoga is becoming such a huge movement. And with that comes some responsibility as the yoga community to self-reflect and discuss some of these subjects relating to yoga. 



Yoga of Emotions Series: ANGER

Recording 1: WTF is Yoga?

In this recording, we engage in a freestyle discussion about what yoga is in the modern world.

Topics we discuss:

  • How do most view yoga? Where is yoga going? Where do we want it to go?
  • How is capitalism influencing yoga?
  • What are we losing in the modernization of yoga?
  • What's the benefit of this western yoga renaissance? What's the impact?
  • What is our role and responsibility to yoga and future generation of practitioners as modern practitioners of yoga?
  • What is the role of yoga in social change?