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Upcoming Workshops

Yoga and the Energy body

March 29-31 Breathe Together yoga

Yoga and The Energybody.jpg

Friday, March 29th | 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, March 30th | 12:30pm – 9pm

Sunday, March 31st | 1:15pm – 4:45pm

The subtle energy body is a real and tangible experience. Come join me at Breathe Together Yoga March 29-31 for an in depth experiential exploration of the world of subtle energy. I promise to give you a clear and applicable, direct experience of how to feel and utilize the subtle energy body for your personal practice and teaching. We’ll explore a wide variety of subtle energy maps, subtle energy practices, how to work with them and how to improve your overall wellbeing and catalyze your spiritual practice.

Working with the subtle energy body revolutionizes your yoga and meditation practice. It can bring profound transformations to your mind, body, emotions and your spiritual awakening. Subtle energy body theory and practice awakens an experiential understanding in us that allows us to see and experience the intimate interconnectedness between the mind/consciousness and the body, and how to profoundly impact our body/mind connection for optimum health and spiritual awakening. This workshop will completely transform the way you view and experience the world on a fundamental level.

Based on 20 years of in-depth exploration of all varieties of energy body practices and theory (yoga, taoist, tibetan, western energetics, somatics), I will lead you through a well translated, relatable and applicable presentation of subtle body practice and theory you can immediately apply to your life, yoga practice, meditation and teaching. This workshop is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced and advanced practitioners of yoga and meditation as well as teachers and healing arts practitioners.

Early bird: $250 by March 11

Regular: $285