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The essence of Yogic practice is to free us from ignorance and suffering into greater clarity and freedom.We’ve all experienced flavors and tastes of this through our various yoga experiences. But often these insights and experiences can be fleeting. The physical practice of yoga gives us moments of freedom, lightness and a sense of liberation but it fades throughout the day. This is where we need a more comprehensive approach to our practice of inner development and growth. Yogic philosophies spanning Vedanta, Buddhism and Shaivism have profound insights on how we can fundamentally transform our perspective on our self and the world.

In this online philosophy and meditation course, we will engage in a collective deep dive into some of the more profound and yet obscure insights that can have a radical impact on our capacity to become free of negative emotions and bring us closer to our true essence. We will thoughtfully breakdown these concepts into digestible and more easily understandable contexts and engage in meditation practices that will help us train our mind for lasting peace and happiness.


Training the Mind to Free Us

How to Really Become Free of Old Habits

Keys to become free of negative emotions

How to feel Free and Connected

Healthy Ego Development and Transpersonal States

Healthy Selflessness

Emptiness of Self and Phenomena

Neti, Neti - not this not this

Dependent Origination

The Liberating Power of Compassion


Ultimate and Relative Truth

Our Natural Wholesome Being

Upcoming Workshops

Yoga Philosophy for Inner Peace and Freedom

April 15-May 20 Every Monday night 6pm - 7:30pm Online

Breathe Together yoga

Price: $150

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