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Healing Sessions

Transformational healing & coaching


Transformational Coaching SESSIONS

In these sessions Mark will draw upon his diverse training in Meditation, Energy Healing and Counseling to guide you through your personal blocks through coaching/counseling and subtle body awareness.

We all have inner challenges, insecurities, blocks and inner obstacles we struggle with. In these sessions Mark will utilize his unique skill sets honed from 20 years of spiritual practice to lovingly guide you and train you in how to navigate your challenging inner experiences. 

This unique method helps clients make a smooth transition through difficult life experiences, emotions and mental states.

Clients often report a relief from longterm stress, grief, fear or pressure which also lead to profound changes in their lives and how they relate to the world. 


Transformational Coaching is a unique method that combines guided meditation, dialogue, energy clearing and transformational practices. The work is centered around utilizing body and breath awareness and practitioner guidance to bring awareness to blocked areas in one's body/mind and developing a integrative approach to creating flow and movement in those areas. We are often disconnected from our inner experience and confused or unaware of how we relate to our inner experience in such a way that creates more obstructions. Mark will provide in session guidance to support the individual into a new pattern of relating within their body and mind that brings greater nurturing and aliveness in their experience.

What does a session look like?

Our past experiences live in us even today in the form of an energetic, physical, neurological hit. They can be healed in the now through the proper application of awareness, attainment, and various expressions of love; experienced through the body

The sessions begin with an intake process where the client shares with me their main challenges in life. We carefully go over the person's history and begin honing into the way the challenge is emerging in the body. After the preliminary intake, the client will be guided into a meditative state to explore the inner workings of their current challenge. Mark begins to scan and track the deeper underlying patterns in the body of the client on a subtle level as well as guiding the client themselves to become aware of their inner experience. We inquire into the inner experience together, and by tracking and asking questions, we allow the body to tell us what kind of pattern and memory is being stored in the tissues. 

The gradual excavation process into the felt experience of the client will eventually reveal the deeper patterns of how the body, mind, neurological system and "energy" body is holding and repeating a pattern of pain. Mark then employs the appropriate antidote or remedial technique that helps that aspect of one's being that is in pain begin to generate an experience of release and resolution. 

Sessions are 55minutes long

Please contact through the contact section for more information or to schedule a session