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Yogi . Healer . Educator

"WElcome. MY commitment is to supporting you in your healing, transformation and life-fulfillment. Using yoga, qi gong, meditation, counseling and energy medicine, my goal is to help you see the world in a new way that allows you to live your life with more vibrancy and love. I look foward to exploring with you soon!"   - MARK TANAKA


Yoga Uncensored Podcast

I've been grumpy for a very long time. From time to time me and my fellow grumpy yogi whom some of you know; Cain Carroll, have been meeting, talking and being grumpy together.

We meet over organic vegetables, chicken and quinoa, or Pho, or mexican food... then drink tea and just talk. We talk about yoga, meditation, philosophy, life, healing, transformation etc..

At times it's a rant fest about what's wrong with the world of yoga these days. At times we talk about our inspiration. At times we debate about deep philosophical and spiritual topics. But what's consistent about the conversations that me and Cain have is that they are always full of amazing insights and commentary about yoga, meditation, being human, about society....

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